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More than 7 in 10 Singaporeans and PRs have an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) But Do You Actually Need It?

If you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident (PR), it is compulsory to get MediShield Life.

But what does MediShield Life have to do with Integrated Shield Plans (IPs)?

Integrated Shield Plans include MediShield Life

Since all Integrated Shield  Plans (IPs) also include MediShield Life & MediShield Life is compulsory, it is convenient for most Singaporeans and PRs to simply get an Integrated Shield Plan (IP).

Many people do not know if they have an Integrated Shield Plan (IP) or not. Do you?

What Is MediShield Life ?

MediShield Life is a basic health insurance plan from the Singapore government. It helps you pay hospital bills and selected medical treatments.

What Is An Integrated Shield Plan ?

Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) are offered by insurance companies and they supplement MediShield Life by providing greater coverage and benefits.

Benefits Of Integrated Shield Plans Vs MediShield Life

An Integrated Shield Plan (IP) covers your hospital stays in Class A and B1 wards (1 to 4 beds in a room) in public hospitals or private hospitals.

MediShield Life only covers B2 and C wards (5 to 9 beds in a room) in public hospitals.

Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) enables you to claim a higher amount. This means you pay less for your hospital bills and medical treatments.

If you only have MediShield Life and do not have an Integrated Shield Plan (IP), you might need to pay significantly higher amounts in cash for larger medical bills.

Get Pre & Post Hospitalization expenses such as medication and check-ups reimbursed and covered by an Integrated Shield Plan (IPs). These expenses can really add up!

MediShield Life does not cover such expenses.

An Integrated Shield Plan covers your emergency hospital treatments when you are overseas.

MediShield Life only covers medical treatment in Singapore.

Summary Of Integrated Shield Plans Vs MediShield Life

Integrated Shield Plan Vs MediShield Life

So do you need an Integrated Shield Plan? It depends.

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