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Earn points by learning more about personal finance and helping others in the MoneyGrowth community.
How To Earn MG Points?

Community Q&As

Answer questions posted to the MoneyGrowth community to help others make better decisions. You get MG Points for every question answered. Great answers get even more points!

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Attend Events

Attend events organized by MoneyGrowth and its partners to learn more about personal finance and other useful topics. Earn MG Points by simply attending.

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Refer A Friend

Refer friends to register a MoneyGrowth account and both of you get 50 MG Points each!

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What Rewards Can I Redeem?

The Rewards

Use your MG Points to redeem anything from NTUC vouchers to discounts at retail stores to physical products like home appliances and gadgets. Rewards will be changing and added all the time, so follow us on Facebook to get the latest news!

How Do I Get Started?

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