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Planning Your Family's Financial Future

Together with our community of financial planning experts, we have put together a tailor-made consultation for families.

What is Family Financial Planning?

Once you start a family, financial planning becomes much more complex and difficult. But it doesn’t have to be!

Let our trusted and experienced community experts walk you through the 4 key aspects of family financial planning that you need to know.

Insurance Coverage

A security net to help your family deal with unexpected events that can incur huge financial expenses.

Retirement Planning
Ensure you don’t become a burden to your children and that they are well taken care of.
Your Child’s Education

The most important and generally the heaviest burden on your finances when raising a child.

Estate Planning

For a peace of mind. Ensure your family receive the full benefits of your lifelong effort.

Why Plan & Why Start now?

Time is money. Really! The earlier you start, the more time your money will have to grow. So it’s important to start planning now. It’s always better late than never.

Do I Really Need More Insurance?

What We Think

To us, the main goal of insurance is protection. Definitely look at the protection you need based on your income and goals.

Insurance can protect you financially whether it be you got injured in an accident or are unable to pay your mortgage due to losing your job.

I still have CPF to help fund my retirement.

What We Think

Not so fast! With rising inflation and costs, the amount to retire comfortably might be much higher than you think.

Furthermore, you might also hope to support you child in their journey into adulthood. For example, when they are buying their own home.

It is too early to plan for our child’s education.

What We Think

It is much easier on your finances by starting early.

By the power of compound interest, there are low-risk (meaning lower returns) strategies you can use to grow the fund needed for your child’s education over a long period of time.

Isn’t it too early to do estate planning?

What We Think

Planning for your family is often about planning for the unexpected.

It is important to make sure in the event you are no longer around, there are no disputes from preventing your loved ones from receiving what you leave behind.

Why Meet Up With Us?

Planning your finances well is especially important for families. And every family has their own unique set of needs and requirements.

Here at MoneyGrowth.SG, we believe that everyone should have free access to good financial planning advice.  Hence, we have put together a community of trusted experts in financial planning.

All our community experts are:

  • Pre-qualified and vetted by the MoneyGrowth.SG team.
  • Fully licensed with Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).
  • Bound by rules set by MoneyGrowth.SG. This means no high-pressure sales tactics as this violates the spirit of the MoneyGrowth community. Please report any community expert that does so.
Here is what you can expect when you meet up with one of our community financial planning experts:


Learn more about the 4 key aspects of family financial planning and how to avoid  common and potentially costly mistakes people make when they plan their family finances.


Have your insurance coverage assessed by our experience community experts. Learn about the different types of insurance plans and which ones are most applicable to you.


Learn about estate planning, how it affects the planning of your family finances and what you need to do.


Learn more about retirement planning, how much you need to retire and the different strategies available to you based on your income and risk appetite.


Fully non-obligatory and no strings attached. The main objective of the meet-up is to share, inform and educate. You may choose to proceed with or reject any solution proposed by our community expert.