Exclusive MoneyGrowth.sg Partnership

Free Cancer Screening

Free Health Screening

Free Health Insurance Assessment

In collaboration with our partners, MoneyGrowth is organising this exclusive free program which includes the following:

  • Free cancer screening (Stomach/Gastric Cancer)
  • Free health screening (Cholesterol, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, etc)
  • Free health insurance assessment (Ensure that you are properly insured based on affordability and your needs)
  • Free post-screening review with a doctor

How Do I Register?

Simply submit the form below and one of our community experts will be contact you to share more and arrange the free cancer screening, health screening and health insurance assessment.

Limited slots are available per month so register early!

Notice: Slots for September 2023 are fully booked. Signup now for slots in October and November 2023. Screenings are generally held on weekends. Speak to our community experts for more information.

Schedule Your Free Cancer & Health Screenings!