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Maximizing Your CareShield Life

Together with our community experts, we have put together a dedicated consultation for CareShield Life.

Why Upgrade Your CareShield Life?

Upgrade to maximize the benefits and payouts from your CareShield Life as well as your MediSave.

Why Meet Up With Us?

Here at MoneyGrowth.SG, we believe that everyone should have free access to good financial planning advice. Hence, we have put together a community of trusted experts in financial planning.


All our community experts are:

  • Bound by rules set by MoneyGrowth.SG. This means no high-pressure sales tactics as this violates the spirit of the MoneyGrowth community. Please report any community expert that does so.
Here is what you can expect when you meet up with one of our community experts


Learn how to upgrade your CareShield Life.


Assessment of your needs and requirements to learn which upgrades to your CareShield Life is most suitable for you.


Our community expert will answer any questions you might have regarding CareShield Life, insurance or financial planning related topics.


Fully non-obligatory and no strings attached. The main objective of the meet-up is to share, inform and educate. You may choose to proceed with or reject any solution proposed by our community expert.

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