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Upgrading Your CareShield Life

Together with our community of financial planning experts, we have put together a special consultation for CareShield Life and whether you should consider upgrading it.

What Is CareShield Life?

Insurance plan administered by the Singapore government.

Receive monthly payouts if you become severely disabled.

Compulsory for Singapore citizens and PRs.

Covered for life once you have paid all your premiums.
Receive payouts when you are unable to do at least 3 out of 6 ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).







Source: Ministry of Health (Singapore)

Why Upgrade Your CareShield Life?

You can upgrade your basic CareShield Life with supplement plans.

Singapore citizens & PR are automatically enrolled in CareShield Life upon reaching age 30.

What We Think

As CareShield Life is mandatory,
upgrade using supplement plans to maximize the benefits and coverage.

1 in 2 Singaporeans aged 65 could become severely disabled.

What We Think

Payout from basic CareShield Life is minimal and may not be sufficient if you become severely disabled.

Pay premiums for supplement plans using MediSave.

What We Think

No cash required. Put your MediSave to work rather than having it do nothing.

Supplement plans are Singapore government MediSave approved.

What We Think

Trusted & reliable. Upgrade without worry.

What Are CareShield Life Supplement Plans?

Supplements are Singapore government MediSave approved plans which complement your basic CareShield Life plan.

Lower criteria to claim benefits

Receive payouts if you are unable to do at least 1 ADLs (Activities of Daily Living) instead of 3 under the basic CareShield Life Plan.

Receive additional monthly payout of $200 to $5,000.

Basic CareShield Life payout is only around $600.

Receive an additional lump sum payout.
Receive additional benefits for caregiver and dependents.