Using MediSave for Dental Treatment

Singapore Citizens and Singapore Permanent Residents (PRs) can use their MediSave funds for certain medical services and treatments in Singapore. As such, certain types of dental treatment fall under the category of medical services and are eligible for MediSave claims.

In this article we discuss the types of dental services claimable under MediSave and how much an individual can claim for such services.

Dental Services Claimable Under MediSave

If you are a Singaporean or PR, you can use your MediSave savings to pay medical bills for yourself or on behalf of your dependents. These include your immediate family members such as spouse, parents, children, grandparents and siblings. They can be of any nationality except for grandparents and siblings who must be Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents.

As a rule of thumb, only dental treatments that involve surgeries and are performed due to medical reasons are claimable under MediSave. This include wisdom tooth surgery and dental implants.

On the other hand, non-surgical or cosmetic procedures that do not involve surgery are generally excluded from the list of services eligible under MediSave.

You may refer to the table below for a summary of the dental procedures which are eligible to be claimed under MediSave:

Dental procedures claimable under MediSaveProcedures not covered under MediSave
Wisdom tooth surgerySimple tooth extraction
Dental implant surgeryScaling and polishing
Bone graftingBraces or aligners
Gum grafting or surgeryDentures
Retained roots (removal through surgery)Crowns and bridges
Sinus liftNon- surgical root canal treatment
Crown lengthening 
Source: Ocean Dental

How Much Can I Claim Using MediSave For My Dental Treatment?

The amount of MediSave an individual can claim for their dental treatment depends on the type of surgery they undergo. Under MOH’s Table of Surgical Procedures, each procedure is tied to a specific code which in turn determines the limit that can be claimed using Medisave for the procedure according to the Table of Operations below.

Surgical Limit for MediSave Contributions

As seen from the Table of Operations below, the amount of MediSave claimable ranges from $250 – $7,550 based on the complexity of the surgery.

Table of Operations (Source: Ministry of Health)

For more details of the amounts claimable under MediSave claimable dental services, you may refer to the table below:

Medisave Claimable Dental ServicesClaimable Amount: (S$)
Placement of Dental Implant(s)Up to $950 Per Tooth
Removal of Dental Implants(s)Up to $450 Per Tooth
Wisdom Tooth Surgery – Single ToothUp to $950
Wisdom Tooth Surgery – 2 or 3 Teeth   Up to $1850
Surgical ConsumablesUp to $300 Per Session
Source: NoFrills Dental

How Do I Make A Claim Using MediSave?

Always check with your dental clinic or medical institution first whether the procedure you are going for can be claimed using MediSave.

If the procedure is MediSave claimable, you will be asked by the dental staff to verify your identity and complete the Medical Claims Authorisation Form (MCAF). This form authorises the clinic to use your Medisave balance to pay for your dental treatment.

Make sure that the dental staff informs you of the bill amount and the amount to be deducted from your MediSave account.

A Medisave Claims Statement with the name of the patient, the amount deducted and the name of the clinic where the claim was made will be sent to you after the claim has been processed.

If you do not have a MediSave account or if there is insufficient balance in your account to pay for the the dental treatment, your immediate family members including your parents, spouse and children may use their MediSave to cover the bill. For such cases, the MCAF has to be filled up and signed by the MediSave account holder.


In this article, we have highlighted the different types of dental procedures patients can claim under MediSave. Generally, this only covers surgical procedures and excludes cosmetic procedures. We have also provided explanations on how patients can use their MediSave to make a claim on their dental treatment and the maximum amounts claimable for different types of dental procedures. To avoid confusion, you should always check to ensure that you have sufficient balance in your MediSave account to pay for your medical bills.






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